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House Passes Murphy-Sponsored Resolution Opposing Global BDS Movement

Bipartisan measure also expresses support for two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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Washington, July 23, 2019 | comments

WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed on a 398-17 vote a bipartisan resolution, H. Res. 246, cosponsored by U.S. Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy of Winter Park, Fla., opposing the Global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement (BDS) that targets the State of Israel, a strong U.S. ally. With this resolution, the House has now clearly stated its view that attempts to unfairly single out Israel are counterproductive to efforts to achieve a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In April, the Murphy-led House Blue Dog Coalition, a group of pragmatic Democrats who focus on fiscal responsibility and national security, endorsed H. Res. 246 and urged House leadership to put the bill on the House floor before Congress recesses for the August district work period.

“The BDS movement makes a just peace harder, moving us away from negotiations that could lead to a two-state solution and greater security in the Middle East,” said Murphy. “This bipartisan resolution clearly shows why the House opposes an effort that vilifies Israel, blaming it—and it alone—for this complex conflict. American citizens have the right to boycott, and boycotts can promote positive change, but the BDS movement is misguided and harmful—and we should say so unequivocally.”

Murphy spoke on the House floor in support of the bipartisan measure. Video of her remarks can be found here. A transcript can be found below.

Thank you Mr. Speaker.

I strongly support the State of Israel. It’s a homeland for the Jewish people and a sanctuary from anti-Semitism. Israel is a thriving democracy and its citizens have made enormous contributions to our global society.

The U.S. has no better friend than Israel. Yes, on occasion our two governments will disagree on certain policies, as all sovereign nations do. But our strong alliance is rooted in shared values, shared security interests, and a deep historical connection.

I also believe the Palestinian people have legitimate aspirations, deserve a better future, and should have their own state.

I support direct negotiations between the parties, leading to two states, living together in peace and security.

I support this bipartisan resolution because the BDS movement makes a just peace harder, not easier. It unfairly vilifies Israel, blaming it—and it alone—for this complex conflict.

American citizens have the right to boycott, and boycotts often promote positive change, but the BDS movement is misguided and harmful—and Congress should say so unequivocally.

I yield back.


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