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Murphy, Demings, Soto Announce Millions in CARES Act Funding for Central Florida

Congress passed the CARES Act in March. Reps. Murphy, Demings, and Soto have continued to fight for additional support for Central Florida.

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Washington, September 9, 2020 | comments
ORLANDO—Today the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced the dispensing of funding passed by Congress to help American municipalities serve constituents during the COVID-19 pandemic. The legislation was supported by Central Florida Reps. Murphy, Demings, and Soto.

“Many Central Floridians are still struggling with the uncertainty of a global pandemic that has left them without a job and facing eviction,” said Murphy. “I’m proud to announce this funding that will help hardworking families stay in their homes and increase access to affordable housing in Central Florida. As our growing region emerges from this crisis, I will continue to fight for additional federal dollars to reduce homelessness, support vulnerable populations, and improve quality of life for our community.”

“This pandemic has attacked our health and our economy. Families have struggled to make ends meet and to stay safe. While the president has failed to respond, Democrats in Congress have acted. This funding passed by Congress is important, but it is also not enough,” said Demings. “The president and Senate should allow a vote on our legislation to provide immediate additional financial support to Florida’s communities and families. This crisis is not over, no matter how much some might want to pretend that it is. We cannot abandon families and communities to this unresolved crisis.”

“Another due date for renters and homeowners has passed and Floridians impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic are still struggling to stay in their homes,” said Soto. “I’m proud to announce these housing grants with Congresswomen Demings and Murphy that will help families in our districts keep a roof over their heads. Together, we will continue to fight for federal funding to ensure everyone in Central Florida fully recovers from this crisis.”


Central Florida recipients include:

  • Orange County: $8,156,612
  • Orlando: $3,379,120
  • Polk County: $2,812,299
  • Seminole County: $2,006,356
  • Osceola County: $1,925,901
  • Lakeland: $787,276
  • Kissimmee: $737,760
  • Sanford: $367,418
  • St. Cloud City: $320,884

Specific uses for the funds are still being determined by the recipients, but previous CARES Act funding was used for rental assistance, homeless shelter operations, case management, legal services for low income households, job readiness and re-training, and other strategic programs to alleviate the economic and housing affordability crisis exacerbated by the pandemic and resulting recession.

Congress passed the CARES Act in March. Since then, House Democrats voted for and passed the HEROES Act to provide additional support for individuals, small businesses, and communities. Republicans in the Senate have refused to allow a vote on that legislation.


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