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Stephanie Murphy: ‘Incompetence and indifference’ mark state response to coronavirus

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Washington, May 4, 2020 | comments
Orlando Sentinel

U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy aimed some harsh criticism at Florida’s unemployment system Monday in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board, saying “the state has failed Floridians.”

Murphy, a Winter Park Democrat, said the state is trying to revamp a system that isn’t working just because it’s overwhelmed by claims but because it was deliberately designed years ago to not pay benefits to people who lost their jobs.

“What’s standing between them and resources that could help them put food on the table for their kids is state government,” Murphy said.

Murphy has more criticism for Ron DeSantis’ administration for a lack of transparency, saying he had to be shamed into releasing specific information about infections in nursing homes.

She said DeSantis’ plan for reopening the state had promise but said Florida isn’t ready to conduct the testing it needs to understand whether the attempts to reopen were working.

Murphy has called for a federal investigation of Florida’s unemployment system and said it was good news that DeSantis, a Republican, wants a state probe as well.

Murphy was appointed by President Trump to a bipartisan task force to reopen the national economy.
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