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Murphy Floor Speech on House Resolution Expressing Solidarity with the Cuban People

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Washington, November 3, 2021 | comments

Mr. Speaker:

I rise in strong support of this bipartisan resolution.

This resolution honors the Cuban people who have protested peacefully, at great personal risk, for their fundamental freedoms and a brighter future for their families. 

These are men and women of courage and character, confronting a ruthless and repressive regime.  

Our resolution sends these patriots a simple message:  America has your back.   

I feel a deep sense of solidarity with the Cuban people.  When I was baby, my family fled a communist country. 

Like many Cuban families, we found refuge and opportunity in America.  And like so many Cuban-Americans, I never take for granted the rights I am afforded in this country, because I know what the alternative looks like.

Following the historic protests in Cuba, I offered a bipartisan amendment to an appropriations bill that would have increased funding to support democracy, human rights, political prisoners, and internet access in Cuba.  To my grave disappointment, this amendment was prevented from coming to the House floor by members of my own party.

America must speak, and act, with moral clarity.  We should support men and women standing up to authoritarian regimes across the globe, and especially in our shared neighborhood.

I urge support for this bill, and yield back the balance of my time.

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